What It Costs

by cardcomply, April 9, 2018


  • Debit cards: 1.95% on all debit transactions. $0 transaction fee.
  • Credit cards: 3.90% on all credit cards. $0 transaction fee.
  • Card Comply© $49/monthly service fee.
  • No other fees or charges.
  • Accept all cards: Visa/MC/DS/Amex – same rate. No additional charges.YOU SAVE WITH NEW MONTHLY INCOME FROM CARD COMPLY© FEES:
  • You receive a 2.95% Card Comply© compliance assessment surcharge on each credit card transaction. This offsets your expenses, saving you about 75% of your fixed-rate processing.
  • 3.90% cost – 2.95% income = .90% credit card processing. Less than 1% for processing!YOU BENEFIT AND YOUR CUSTOMER BENEFITS:
  • All new user-friendly, totally compliant, state-of-the-art technology with bells & whistles!
  • $0 up front. $0 equipment lease – $0 early termination fee. $0 annual PCI fee.
  • $0 interchange or card association fees.
  • No complicated monthly statement to understand. No long list of add-on fees.
  • Your credit card paying customer can feel confident of your data security efforts.
  • Your customers will have the option of paying with debit card, gift card or cash for $0 fee.
  • Rather than increase your prices to cover the cost of processing, technology and payments compliance, this makes it fair for you cash and debit card paying customers.
  • Have some favorite customers? You can waive the 2.95% Card Comply© compliance assessment surcharge at your discretion with a touch of a button.